Arrival Reminder

You must arrive in Florence on January 26th. By now you should have applied for your visa. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the visa process please contact Jessica Walker at


Important Travel Reminders

The time is almost here to leave for Italy, but before you depart for the airport make sure you have all of your immigration needs taken care of! It is important to keep to keep any immigration related paperwork on your person/in your carry-on luggage and ready for your arrival in Italy.

Two important reminders for best practices when traveling abroad:

  1. In order to board your international flight you will need your passport.  You should have copies of your passport elsewhere.  OGS recommends keeping a color copy of your passport and visa separately in your carry-on luggage.  You should also have access to a digital encrypted copy of your passport and visa online that can be obtained from any computer.  Additionally, you may want to leave a copy of your passport and visa with a parent or guardian, or whomever you trust and would call in an emergency. If your passport/visa is lost or stolen having a copy of such may help expedite getting a replacement.
  1. After you arrive at your study away site, you should register with your local Embassy or Consulate.  U.S. citizens can register with the S. Department of State’s Smart Traveler Enrollment Programwhich will automatically alert the local U.S. Embassy or Consulate to your presence in country.  Non-U.S. citizens should register with the relevant home country Embassy or Consulate abroad.

NYU Florence Online Global Health and Wellness Orientation

By now you should have received an email from site staff at NYU Florence with instructions to complete an Online Global Health & Wellness Orientation.

This mandatory online exercise provides useful information about health and safety resources in Florence.  It encourages you to practice self-care, to support your fellow students and the NYU Florence community, and to remain curious about all the things that are different and exciting in Italy.

It should take you about 45-60 minutes and must be completed by January 25th. Please access the orientation by clicking the link in the email you received.

If you have questions about the content please email

Set Up Direct Deposit

Now that the ebill payment deadline has passed (January 6), consider setting up direct deposit with NYU if you anticipate receiving any portion in the form of a refund.  Instructions on how to do so can be found on the Bursar’s website here.

Academic Updates for Spring 2016

Italian Language Sections Recently Added – NYU Florence has added the following additional sections for Italian language:

  • ITAL-UA9001 011 Extensive Elementary Italian I, MWR 12-1PM (class# 24378)
  • ITAL-UA9001 012 Extensive Elementary Italian I, MWR 1:30-2:30PM (class# 24379)
  • ITAL-UA9002 002 Extensive Elementary Italian II, MWR 1:30-2:30PM (class#24380)

We have now the faculty names and meeting patterns for the following TBA courses:

  • LWSOC-UA9251 001 Tpcs in Law & Society: Intl Human Rights Prof. Lemiere, W 3-5:45PM
  • SOC-UA9506 001 Topics in Sociology: Terrorism and Violence – From Italian Red Brigades to Al Qaeda Prof. Pizzini Gambetta, R 3-5:45PM

For students currently enrolled in these two courses, if these scheduled times create course conflicts with your schedule, please contact and we will be happy to assist you with schedule adjustments.

We will confirm the meeting pattern and faculty member for the History of Immigration course (HIST-UA 9186001) in the next blog on January 7, 2016.

Offices Closing for Winter Break

NYU’s Office of Global Programs and Office of Global Services, as well as most other departments around NYU, will be closed for the winter break starting at 4pm EST on Wednesday, December 23rd. We will reopen on Monday, January 4th at 9am EST.  Both the Office of Global Programs and the Office of Global Services will not be monitoring voicemail or emails during this time.

We understand that questions may come up while our office is closed – if so, please use the “Search” tool within this blog to see if we have covered it already (in many cases, we have!). This blog is meant to be your main resource of things to know and do regarding Florence, and can continue to assist in answering your questions even when we are not available.

Happy New Year and Best Wishes this Holiday Season!

Group Processing Passports are Ready!

If you participated in group processing through NYU, your passport is now ready to be picked up or mailed out! If you are in the NYC area, please come to OGS (located at 561 LaGuardia Place) Monday-Friday between 10am and 4pm to pick-up your passport. If you are outside the NYC area, please send an email to with the mailing address where you would like your passport sent. Please note if have not picked up or contacted OGS to mail your visa documents or passport by December 23rd at noon you must wait until the week of January 4th.

Permesso Paperwork

One you arrive in Italy you will need to obtain a Permesso di Soggiorno. The NYU Florence staff will assist you with the process. For the Permesso application, you will need:

  1. The returned paperwork from the Italian consulate (Note: Each consulate will return different quantities of paperwork– you may get a single stamped page or a full packet from the consulate. This paperwork is either returned on the day you apply for your visa or when you pick up your passport with your visa inside.).
  2. 4 2×2 sized passport photos
  3. 3 copies of the bio/signature page of your passport
  4. 4 copies of your visa

Please note: If you participated in group processing you will only need to take 4 2×2 passport photos. We have already sent copies of your paperwork to Florence. Also note: if you are traveling on an EU passport you do not need to obtain a Permesso di Soggiorno. Please contact OGS at 212-998-4242 or if you have any issues or concerns.

Local Sites of Interest: Florence

Looking to do some reading up on Florence over winter break?  I’ve collected a few online resources that cover everything from train travel, to meeting new people in Florence. I hope you find them useful!

  • The Florentine: Florence’s English-language news magazine. This is a great source for articles on local issues as well as upcoming events in Florence.
  • NYU Florence Office of Student Life: NYU Florence’s online student life handbook. Here you’ll find information on housing and campus life, health and safety, and other helpful local resources (you need an NYU login to view the site).
  • ‘Making Friends in Florence’ (from Girl in Florence): This blog, written by an American expat living in Florence, has lots of articles you may find helpful. This one on how to make friends in Florence is particularly useful for those of you hoping to get off campus and meet some non-NYU folks during your semester away.
  • ‘A Runner’s Guide to Florence’: Although this blogger actually lives in Bologna she has assembled a nice collection of running routes throughout Florence. If you get tired of those you can also look here for additional route recommendations and more detailed information.
  • ‘Train Travel in Italy’ (from The Man in Seat 61): Although not pretty to look at, this is a fantastic site with more info than you could ever want about train travel across Europe. (I’ve used this myself many times and it has saved me lots of confusion — and money!).
  • ‘You Do You’: Advice from a former NYU Florence study away student on stepping out of your comfort zone, challenging yourself to try new things, and finding your own way to experience and explore your new city.
If you know of additional resources that you think your fellow study away students might find interesting, email me at and let me know!

Transition Tips: Preparing to Live in a New City

World Trade Resource is a tool that provides accessible information about developing cultural competencies and best practices for communicating, living, or working in another country or city, including New York.  Additionally, it includes health and travel guides, as well as culture and city guides for the most popular destinations. The cultural self-assessment feature provides you with tailored information on how to succeed in a new host country.

To start exploring World Trade Resource, please visit here.  You can also access World Trade Resource via NYUHome.